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  9. Nick Dungo | For The Foxes

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  10. Interview: For The Foxes


    We chatted with Nick of For The Foxes and he answered all of the questions you want to hear!

    Pretty Rad Media: 
    You describe your sound as Pop/Indie, so, which Pop and Indie bands have inspired your music?

    Nick Dungo: For older stuff, big fan of Elvis Costello, Elton John, electric light orchestra. Newer stuff: The Format, Miniature Tigers, The Strokes.

    PRM: Recently, you guys opened for The Summer Set and almost directly after, hopped on warped tour. How did these tours differ and which style of touring do you prefer? Did you enjoy being on Warped?

    ND: Coming from a club tour to a festival style tour is very different for sure! I loveddddd warped! We had such a blast, probably the best summer of my life.

    PRM: You recently released two new singles, “Son of a Gun” and “Running Back to You.”  What went into the process of writing and recording these songs and which has a more personal meaning to it?

    ND: Ha, actually both songs are essentially about the same person, but I would say running back to you hits me pretty hard. Sometimes I get chills when I sing it.

    PRM: Recently, your merch, logo, and graphic designs have been much more tropical and fun.  What made you choose these patterns?  Do you think the vibrancy shows through your music?

    ND: Haha yes! The designs just describe us as people and our sound.  I definitely think it shows through in our live show.  We love that stuff.

    PRM: In your Facebook description, you say that you want to show everyone what’s inside the “true heart of For The Foxes.” Can you give us a little insight?

    ND: We are just real dudes who like weird shit, to put it lightly.  I’m never gonna try and be something I’m not.  I’ve been there before and it doesn’t feel good.  I can promise that anything we release or perform will be honest.

    PRM: Your sound ranges from hush and melodic like in “The River” to catchy and upbeat as heard in “Son of a Gun” and “Kids Too Young.”  Which style do you prefer and which is easier to write and record?

    ND: Lately the intimate ballads have been easier for me but it definitely changes!

    PRM: What can we expect from FTF in the future?

    ND: A full length record? Chyeaaaaa son. Touring, lots of touring!

    A big thank you to Nick. I hope you all check out their music and groove on!  Follow us for more!